Tuesday, February 15, 2005

things to do...

#1... get this template unbroken
V, play with the colours later, cause I can't see them... dumb monitor.

other things to do:
I want to add pics of Tobermory, especially the one with the end of the trail. :)
As far as I know, post pictures using this code:

Heh... I guess that's obvious, isn't it? I think it'll work if you hold your mouse over those last letter... and use triangle brackets instead of round ones.

Other stuff...
I want to add more appropriate links to the sidebar
I want to make a list of things we'll need and things we have already. We need a map. I already have a sleeping bag. We might need back packs. Stove? Tent?

I'm going to look into CAA... maybe remind me to sometime... to see if they have any reasonable hiking maps.

kay.. that's it for now.

Monday, February 14, 2005


To explore the Bruce trail.

We want to go at the end of summer, after I'm done classes and before work starts. We want to start in Niagra Falls, and hike the trail for as long as we can in that time span, and then take the bus home.

This blog is supposed to be a listing of all the things we need, and things we want to do as we go.

We've already hiked a bunch of the Bruce side trails in the halton region and beyond. We've been to Tobermory at the trail's end, and if we magically get there before classes start, we'll stay for a few days cause it's gorgeous there!

After hiking the Bruce, we were thinking of maybe doing the Canada Trail... or going to BC and doing stuff there.