Monday, March 28, 2005

sites details

Become a Member: I'll get this for us, kay V?

Official sites along the route


Blogger Victor said...

Do you like what I did?

29 March 2005 at 22:25  
Anonymous Mel said...

absolutely! :)

30 March 2005 at 08:11  
Blogger Victor said...

All text should line up with the background now, at least in IE and clones.

6 April 2005 at 18:54  
Anonymous Mel said...

It doesn't line up with the lines in Mozilla. :( I'll have to check tomorrow from work!

I *do* like it, though! Nice touch with the picture! (Can we make it bigger?)

6 April 2005 at 22:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure we can! I just checked with mozilla too. Boo. I doubt I can get it perfect for all browsers. You know what though? I think it's good enough :)

7 April 2005 at 18:47  
Blogger Victor said...

Useful ISBNs:


7 April 2005 at 23:10  

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