Monday, March 06, 2006


Well, by the end of 2005 we've covered the first 100km of the Bruce trail. We started at the beginning near Niagara on the Lake and covered 60km during a three-night weekend. About a month later, near the beginning of October, we covered another 40 in a two-night weekend. Brrrr....

We have now reached the Devil's Punchbowl landmark near Hamilton, so the next leg of the trip will begin there.

What we've learned:

- fancy tents may be light to carry but sacrifice warmth for weight
- fancy backpacks are heavy too
- pasta boiled in soup mix makes a great meal
- we each use approximately 1.5L of water per day in mild weather
- the Bruce trail has many trees and many rocks
- some mushrooms found on the trail are edible, others definitely are not
- if you push on long enough after dark, a flat spot will appear to camp for the night
- wooden steps over fences can be exciting
- small numbered wooden bridges can be really exciting
- there is surprisingly little wildlife
- there are lots of fields to eat from: grapes, apples, pears, peaches
- sitting can be the most wonderful feeling in the world
- don't even get me started on foot rubs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aren't those fields with fruit someones property or are they actually just random fields?

Looks like you guys had fun :) Now finish it!

How do you get home from where you started does someone drop you off and pick you up because obviously your car is not where you finish.

20 March 2006 at 09:19  
Blogger Victor said...


Yeah, they are TECHNICALLY someone's property...but the fruits are delicious and thus we are justified. End of story.

Only 700km left.

Well, the first time we took a bus to Niagara and got picked up by Mel's mom after 60km. The second time I left my car where we expected to finish and Mel's mom dropped us off at the 60km mark.

Who are you? :)

22 March 2006 at 11:03  

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